Verdi’s Aida at the Landestheater in Linz

Verdi’s Aida at the Landestheater in Linz

In the last month of 2021, Sonja Šarić premiered Verdi’s Aida at the Landestheater in Linz, after previously debuting the role in front of the Novi Sad audience in September of the same year.

Aida was composed at the height of Verdi’s fame and is considered to be one of his most spectacular operas. It is a story of love during the war, revolving around Aida, the daughter of the Ethiopian king, Radamès, an Egyptian general and Amneris, the pharaoh’s daughter. Love, jealousy, patriotism and a sense of duty form the backbone of the conflict between these three protagonists.

However, historical sites, people and their actions do not function as ancient findings from an archaeological research, but as living metaphors. They formulate the critical state of the individual in the midst of buried systems and opposing power relations, the disorientation of the individual in the accelerated development of European humanity affected by the fever of expansion and progress in the late 19th century. Rounded up by immortal opera tunes such as Celeste Aida or the Triumphal March, Verdi’s unique psychological thriller culminates in the protagonist’s touching sacrifice and death.

The next performance of Aida in the Landestheater is scheduled for 7 April.

Aida’s trailer:

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