Sonja Šarić - dobitnica prestižne nagrade četrdesetog izdanja “Maria Callas Grand Prix”

Sonja Šarić – the winner of the prestigious 40th International Maria Callas Grand Prix

Sonja Šarić, soloist of the opera in Graz, won the prestigious Maria Callas Grand Prix. In her successful career, this is not the first international award she has won, because she also triumphed at the Austrian competition “Ferruccio Tagliavini”, the Czech “Antonín Dvořák”, the “Anneliese Rothenberger” award in 2015, as well as many others. Despite numerous awards around the world, Sonja gladly returns to her hometown of Sombor, so she does not miss the opportunity to sing in her “alley”, conveying her love for classical music with her talent.

We are reminded of this wonderful moment and Sonja’s gratitude which she expressed on her social media: 
The media in Serbia also wrote about this prestigious award of the young artist:

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